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Komodo and XDebug

I spent a little time setting up Komodo and Xdebug yesterday. It wasn't hard to do and there was just one little issue that I thought others would like to know about.

* Komodo's help documentation
* Komodo's blog which pointed me to the next item
* Robert Douglass's recent article:
* this video:

The help documentation was the best. I just found myself slightly influenced by Robert Douglass's article as I tried to determine where to put The video was not very helpful either except that he showed using the debugger configuration wizard (which I skipped initially).

I setup in /usr/lib (because I think if I have file standardization right that's where I should install my own libs (vs. what Linux installs in /var/lib).

After making all of the configuration changes and restarting Apache, everything looked correct.

php -m

returned information about xdebug. Komodo in Edit -Preferences - Debugger said it was configured to work correctly. I added:


to the end of the URL of one of my local sites, but the page loaded and Komodo did not start debugging.

This made me sad. I went through the configuration steps again. Tried it again. Still not working. I looked at the Debug - Listener Status. It was showing an unexpected port number. I had actually looked at it earlier and thought to myself: that doesn't seem right, but it's the should be right. As it turned out, Komodo was using a system provided free port. This is not good. Everything else I had setup was assuming port 9000.

I went to Edit - Preferences - Debugger - Connection:

Komodo should listen for debugging connections on:
* system provided free port
* a specific port: 9000

I chose a specific port and set it to 9000, et voila! Komodo started debugging properly.

Drupal Summit Talk: CCK Configuration in Code

At the Drupal Summit today, I gave a talk about pulling CCK Configuration changes into code. The idea is to have code instead of clicking, so it eases the deployment process. Attached files include the test module I created and the slides which provide a cleaner view of the code needed to handle these types of changes using hook_update_N()
cck_changes_test_module.zip3.14 KB
cck_prog_slides.pdf163.25 KB

Features Slides From Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

I gave a talk introducing Featues (and Context). My slides are pretty minimal, because of most of the talk is a demonstration.

Still, who am I to judge...slides attached!

features_pres.pdf68.79 KB

West Coast Drupal Events

Last weekend, I attended the Portland DrupalCamp. I gave a presentation about using Features and Context. It was great to connect with the Drupal community outside of Seattle.

This weekend I am in Berkeley, CA attending BADCamp which is mind blowing. From Josh Koenig's talk about Drupal in the Cloud to Ryan Szrama's talk about Ubercore, it is clear that folks are taking chances and working hard to take Drupal to the next level. Plus Chris and Steph of Top Notch Themes provide a glimpse of how a company can work with the community and still carve their own niche in the marketplace. I am in awe!

Next weekend is the Drupal Summit in Seattle. It is a regional conference for Drupal professionals. I will be chatting about Features again plus a new talk about CCK in code. I need to get working on that!

Upcoming Drupal Events

It's great to see Drupal events coming together in Seattle and Portland in October.

The Drupal Clinic is a one day introduction to Drupal happening on October 2nd. People signed up quickly and currently there is a waiting list. It's going to be good clean fun and I can't wait to help out new folks in the afternoon session. If you have even a little Drupal knowledge, you can volunteer too.

If you did not make it into the Clinic, Portland's Drupal User Group is offering a DrupalCamp on October 9-10. I am heading there for both days. It will be great to reconnect with Portland folks!

Back in Seattle, SEADUG is hosting the first ever Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit. I am definitely presenting at this 2 day event. Lots of folks have proposed great sessions. There's still room, so sign up now! I won't be surprised when it fills just like the Clinic.

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