Missed Opportunity: Crackling Nature

Cama Beach State Park provided an opportunity to record some sounds I rarely hear. I was attending a friend's wedding, and the whole group spent two nights at the park. On Saturday morning, several us walked along the beach. The water was at low tide, and all sorts of sea life was visible just by walking to the edge of the water: clams, mussels, barnacles, crabs, starfish, sea anenomes and much more.

Trimpin Rocks

I watched Trimpin last night at SIFF. Trimpin: the sound of invention is a documentary playing at the Seattle International Film Festival. If you're interested in music or looking for creative inspiration, be sure to watch the next viewing on June 1st.

Blenders and Beatboxes

I was fortunate to be in London last week. Not only did I have a fantastic work week with Amnesty International, but I took a couple of days off for sight seeing and music experiences.

Working with Sam, Marco, and Nat from CivicActions was a wonderful experience. Every chance I get to work face to face with other CivicActions folks makes the work ever more enjoyable (and quite honestly more productive).

2007 WOTFA Workshop

The Washington Old Time Fiddler's Association hosts a week long workshop each year. I attended for the first time this year and it was a wonderful way to spend the week.

I entered the Lower Intermediate class taught by Leslie Beck (she's from Idaho). Leslie is a great teacher. Although the class had varying degrees of experience, she kept us at just the right pace to learn 20 songs over 5 days. That's a lot of songs, but she made it fun. Plus she provided notation and a CD of her playing each song (including slower versions of the fast songs).


I had my introduction to Wintergrass yesterday. What an exciting event!
Vendors were selling instruments, books, CDs, and more. People found little nooks all over the Shearton Hotel to jam together. 5 stages of live music and three were in the hotel making it easy to find something good everywhere you turned.

A couple of bands I saw had excellent performances and I would recommend seeing them:

  • The Infamous Stringdusters
  • The Greencards
  • Uncle Earl (although their sound guy could use a little training)
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