1 year of lessons

After 1 year of fiddle lessons, I'm considering purchasing my own.

Playing the fiddle is more fun the more I practice. I know lots of songs now:

St. Anne's Reel
Old Joe Clark
Faded Love
Tennessee Waltz
Cripple Creek
Down Water

Maybe missing some...I'll have to ask my teacher, Paul Elliott (awesome teacher).

Fiddlin' Around

At the very end of 2005, I started to learn how to play the violin. Lasley & Russ set me up with a nice rental and recommended Paul Elliot for a teacher. Paul is a great teacher and understands some of my most important needs:

  • avoid classical music
  • build listening skills
  • have fun

Seven months later and I've got four songs under my belt and a pretty good sound quality.

Although I don't practice for long periods of time, I do try to get on it every day even just to doodle around.

All songs I've learned by listening to Paul and watching his fingers, then repeating. This has been a great skill to work on. My most recent piece, Tennesse Waltz, I learned faster than any of the previous songs.

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