Block Visibility: by view and content type

You may want a block that provides some navigation for a view. I use this snippet to display the block on a view Page as well as when viewing content of a particular type. So for instance, I might have a view page which lists the current content of type 'story' called myview. On the myview Page, I also list each content's title in a block similar to a menu, so I can quickly move through the story titles.

DrupalCamp Seattle

Take the day off on June 29th, 2007 and join us at the Annual DrupalCamp Seattle. Tracks for Developers and Users will be held all day. It's free and it will be relaxed environment encouraging creativity and learning. Learn More.

Using PHP and mini_sendmail

Some linux distributions do not include sendmail in their base installation. Other folks may not want to run sendmail. Either way, if you want to use PHP's mail() function and you do not have a mail server installed locally, you need to find another way for mail() to sucessfully send email from a PHP script. mini_sendmail is a good choice for a basic, "I only need to send mail for testing on my development server" type of environment.
  1. Download and compile mini_sendmail.

Cloning Computers and Reiser File Systems

For the small business owner, it sure is nice to have one main computer for your work, but what happens when it starts to have hardware problems? What you really want is the ability to take the whole hard drive image and put it on another computer, so your main computer can be fixed.


Linuxfest was a great experience. If you want to learn more about how technology can help your business, this is a great event to attend. If you missed Linuxfest this year in Bellingham, WA, mark your calendar for next year. It is totally worth it.

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