Setup an RSS Feed

I wanted a couple of my views to offer RSS feeds. It's really simple.

Go to Administer - Views and click edit next to the view you want to add an RSS feed. Then setup an Argument: RSS: RSS Feed Selector and make sure it set to "Display All Values" and that's it.

The full instructions are at, but it took me awhile to find them:

The node says it's for 4.7, but it works just fine in 5.1

Pager On Top

When viewing a Page View, basic navigation is at the bottom of the page. I wanted this same "1 2 3 next>> last>>" to display at the top and the bottom of the main content area. It was easy enough. In page.tpl.php,
I added:

<?php print theme_pager() ?>

right above print $content; et voila any Page Views now have the pager on the top and the bottom of the page.

Do you need an Email Newsletter?

One of Yvonne Sans Luis Design's clients did. RUF Designs took Yvonne's design and implemented it in XHTML/CSS for a quick turnaround. Tested in several mail clients, the newsletter was a real hit for the client.

New Client Gets Help Fast

Trusted Home Mortgages now spends more time on their business instead of managing data. RUF Designs came in and quickly deployed several changes to a key system used by Trusted Home Mortgages, loan officers, and lenders. Not only were systems changed as requested, security and efficiency improvements came with it. When you hire RUF Designs, application design and implementation always includes the latest in code security and performance enhancements.

Link to Contact Form

I am using the site-wide Contact form which is managed by the contact module. I wanted to link to it in the main content of several nodes. For instance, I want to write

Please contact RUF Designs for more information about these services...

where "contact RUF Designs" links to the form. I hoped I could write something like:

<a href="contact">contact RUF Designs</a>

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