Views URLs and Arguments

So I finally figured out how to use Arguements in Views without breaking the view!

So I wanted a clean URL to a View which displayed all nodes for a particular vocabulary. without arguments the working URL is

where 3 represents the vocabulary ID

I wanted to something simpler like:

Edit the view and in the Page section set the URL the way you want it to look:

URL: drupal

In the Arguments section, add an argument to support all of the nodes associated with a vocabulary item:

Maintenance Offline Gotcha

So I accidentally logged off before turing the site "on". That's quite a mistake to make because the variable for offline status is cached.

The easiest way around this problem was to temporarily change so it would force drupal to get the latest variables from the database and update the database with the "online" setting. Here's how:

1. Change in variable_init() by adding '0 && ' to the first if statement:

if (0 && $cached = cache_get('variables', 'cache')) {
$variables = unserialize($cached->data);

Whoa the Devel Module!

So I joined the Drupal-dojo group and I'm trying to keep up, but they move fast! I started watching the lesson #1 video (screencast):

I finally installed the Devel module and all I can say is this is soooo coool! Never have I seen a framework provide such a tool for the developers to use.

If you are a developer like me, you may have your web server set up to show all errors. Well this does not work so well with Devel since it starts to show tons of Notice errors. I changed the error reporting in index.php:

Maintenance Plans

Works continues with Myrna Dunlop, Psychotherapist and Search Engine Optimization site. Meta tags and content were updated to keep the site personal and create the opportunity for visitors to call her for more details.

Dev Report 12/30/06

So far implementing my new site in Drupal is going well. Each time I think Drupal is too restrictive I find that I just didn't know how to use it. So far I'm using the following core modules and contrib modules:


I'm runinng Drupal 4.7.3 so it's hard to tell what's core and what's not. I know I downloaded and installed the following contrib modules:

Very impressed with img_assist and the flexibility to use it with all different input formats. I had trouble at first because I'm using Full HTML input format for several key pages. At first, images uploaded using img_assist would display only with input format Filtered HTML. Finally I took the time to search which solved my problem.

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