Specialized Domain Names

Myrna Dunlop's site now has additional domain names which support better search engine optimization:


New Business Site with Blogs and more

A new business promoting a new book and consulting services wanted more than a brochure but had a limited budget. A custom Administration Panel was developed, so they can edit pages instead of paying someone else to do it. In addition, open source (GPL) survey and blog software were installed. The front-end design was integrated into both software programs, so a familiar look was provided throughout the site yet kept costs down by using existing programs.

More Search Engine Optimization

Myrna Dunlop has a web site describing her work as a psychotherapist. She was not getting many referrals from the web site. We revamped the content simplifying it for visitors. Now they can quickly grasp what Myrna does and what they need to do to get started. In addition, we improved the site so that search engines better understand the main focus of her web site's content.

Lullabot Listening

trying to use upload module?
It seems to have worked. Let's see


Seattle Meeting 9/6/06

Seven of us attended The Seattle Group's 2nd meeting. I took notes during the meeting and here's what I got.

After doing a round of introductions, we gathered some questions and subjects.

* If using Google Maps, how do you get two maps on one page? This question went unanswered, so if anybody knows please comment.
* CiviCRM
* CCK and Views (if time allows, otherwise a future meeting topic)

Many modules were mentioned during our discussions:
* Voting Module
* Civimail and link tracking
* Heat Tracking Module (New) - tracks mouse movement on a page
* Google Analytics Module - adds the code you need to hook into google

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