SEO Improvements For Psychotherapists

Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of a solid web site. Ilene Schwartz knew her web site was not working as hard as it could. The site has a nice look and feel, but the search engines were having trouble with it. The site navigation was rebuilt to make it search engine friendly among other changes which makes her site become more accessible than ever before.

Seattle Drupal Meeting Insight

On 8/3 local Drupal folks met at the Red Line in Capitol Hill. It was well attended about 10-12 people. It was great to meet with others in a imilar line of work. Some folks are as new as I am to Drupal. There was plenty of philosophical discussion which I appreciate.

I learned that ImageAssist is a great way to pull images into content. I'll be adding that module today and taking it for a whirl. In addition I'm going to try using CCK to create a new content type for my portfolio page.

I need to figure out how I'm going to conver the Footwear site and database into Drupal. That should be a fun challenge.

Possible Modules

Listening to Lullabot #5

Also vidcast #4 was helpful in getting a grip on menus. Now I have site navigation and a separate menu (currently called Besides ruf) which links to other content I want to keep on my site that is not directly related to my business.

I learned some from the #5 podcast and the others have been very helpful. Check it out Lullabot

For now I'm avoiding any theming to get the structure setup. Make it pretty later.

The bummer for me right now is that I'm not doing any PHP coding. That may make some of you happy to avoid PHP, but that's where I have my fun. Still I need to understand how users use the system so I can be a better developer for it.

New Design, New Content, Happy Customer

The NCAPEC web site's new design and content went live in July. RUF Designs implemented the XHTML, CSS, and Javascript for the design created by Yvonne San Luis Designs. Collaboration on this project went smoothly and the customer is very pleased with the final results.

Testing Access

This is a test of Access.

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