Drupal Thoughts

Making the installer/developer create the first account with full admin permissions and sending a password by email is not the best. During my first Drupal installation, I set it up on a server with no running mail server. Oops! No password for my new user. I ran the mysql client and updated the users table with a new password (md5()'d of course) and the problem was solved.

What if I weren't so bright? With no mail server running, I could not even find a log of the mail message Drupal tried to send. Might I suggest creating the first users record and giving the username and password t

Collaboration with Yvonne San Luis Designs

RUF Designs has started a project with Yvonne San Luis Design to redesign a web site for one of Yvonne's clients. Do you need some help implementing designs for web sites? Contact Robin Barre at RUF Designs to discuss what it takes to give your clients their web needs.

Carolyn Davidson Gets Started

Sometimes it's a short project to get things up and running. Carolyn Davidson wanted her web site up as soon as possible. With minimal effort, we completed a home page with contact information. Betty Hageman of Betty Hageman Graphic Design created the design and RUF Designs setup the site. Short and sweet, it helps get the web site going so full design plans are given the time they deserve.

Web Site with The Works

A Seattle area software company launches their new and improved web site with multiple blogs, partner registration, and more. RUF Designs developed a custom blog and administration panel. Learn more...

New Business Launches New Web Site

Neil Hardwood Floors has a new web site. Neil Hogg is starting his new business, so a site was created to help gather new customers. Learn more...

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