Curriculum Vitae

Mortgage Broker Online Tools

Capabilities:  application design, programming analysis, programming, php security, php performance

A Seattle mortgage broker needed some changes to an existing application. The business was spending too much time managing lender information. Improvements to key systems used by the broker, loan officers, and lenders allowed the broker to get out of the data management business and on with connecting loan officers with lenders. Not only were systems changed as requested, security and performance improvements came with it. When you hire RUF Designs, application design and implementation always includes the latest in code security and performance enhancements.


Grady Mathews

Grady Mathews Screen ShotGrady Mathews Screen Shot

Overview:  new web site

Capabilities:  graphic design, uses new utility, portfolio builder

Grady Mathews came to RUF Designs with a good idea for the look and feel of his new web site. With his experience creating custom fine furniture and cabinetry, Grady has a great eye for design. Using a simple design with solid colors allows the portfolio to show off Grady's fantastic work. The Portfolio uses a new RUF Designs utility which automatically generates the HTML/CSS for each page in the portfolio.

Streamlining the portfolio allows more time to be spent processing the images and keeps the budget down. If you are thinking of a having a portfolio on your web site, be sure to ask about the Portfolio Builder. The final site uses only HTML/CSS so links are search engine friendly and the site can be edited by Grady who has experience writing HTML.

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Neil Hardwood Floors

Neil Hardwood Floors Screen Shot

Overview:  new web site

Capabilities:  graphic design, standardized HTML/CSS

Neil Hogg of Neil Hardwood Floors wanted a new web site for is business. The site focuses on Neil's experience and includes a portfolio showing some of his work. Keeping the site small to start keeps the budget within reason and allows for expansion in the future.

Biometric Software Company

Capabilities:  application design, programming analysis, programming, user interface design

A new company in the Seattle/Bellevue area wanted a unique blog application allowing a user to sign in and based on uesr roles could access one or more blogs. Usualy blog features were included:

  • post to a blog
  • add a comment
  • edit your own posts or comments
  • administrative support to add, edit, or delete any blog content
  • administrative support to add, edit, or delete any blog user
  • search blog

Beyond the custom blog application, Administrative features were developed including:

  • Page Management (lists all pages on the site, add new page, and more)
  • Page Editor (edit any page on site using a WYSIWYG editor i.e. no need to know any HTML)
  • Ability to Add and Delete pages

Washington Real Estate Search Engine

Capabilities:  application design, programming analysis, programming, user interface design

Provided with a front-end design, RUF Designs built a search engine for finding properties in the state of Washington. Data from multiple counties was converted to meet the needs of the search engine, so a user could search across counties for particular types of properties (to be used by assessors, realtors). Multiple views were created so a user could see a short summary in a list, a medium summary in a list or a full profile for each property on its own page. The search engine provide multiple advanced search capability so a user could easily combine location, price, attributes into one query.

RUF Designs provides programming expertise building new applications including:

  • search engine for real estate property
  • mailing list management
  • specialized blogs
  • page editor for clients to edit any page of the web site

In addition, the Administration Tools included the ability to add and edit users. Users can have a time limit so that the owner of the site may charge a subscription fee based on a period of time (say per month). Based on an expiration date, the user would no longer be allowed to log into the site after the date was reached. The Administrator may also upload data in a spreadsheet to add to the existing database. This is a great feature to have when you know that bulk updates are a part of your business.

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PRO Sports Club

PRO Sports Screen Shot

Overview:  web site application and server maintenance

Capabilities:  programming analysis, server configuration, programming, user interface design

PRO Sports has several domains and applications running on their web server. They were looking for a new permanent developer, and in the mean time RUF Designs came in to help solve some current problems and add some functionality. Within the first week, the highest priority items were fixed. Further analysis provided PRO Sports with in-depth knowledge of the many applications and security issues. RUF Designs solved security problems and added new functionality to existing applications.

<!-- JENNINGS -->

The Jennings Company

Jennings Screen Shot

Overview:  new web site

Capabilities:  graphic design, used new utility, Site Grinder

Kathleen Jennings, a WBO member took advantage of the web site package deal for just $89.95. She provided the content and made the design choices. RUF Designs used its own utility called Site Grinder. Site Grinder reads the configuration file, then generates the HTML for each page: merging content with configuration choices. Colors, fonts, widths, heights are defined in the configuration file just once. Kathleen receives a consistent looking web site, and RUF Designs spends less time developing the site.

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Tuxes & Tails

Online Form Screen Shot

Overview:  online reservation system for ticket buyers

Capabilities:  programming, database design, user interface design.

The Humane Society for Seattle/King County hosts an annual auction and gala called Tuxes & Tails. This project is a first for this particular client: collecting money online for an upcoming event. Data is collected and validated by the online reservation system, and business rules are checked before the purchaser may finalize order. Once the user confirms the order, they click a PayPal button which handles the credit card processing. Using PayPal allowed the project to be completed sooner and for less money. Orders stored in the online reservation system are automatically linked to a PayPal transaction after the transaction is complete. Data may be exported at any time from the online reservation system. Staff securely export the data and import it into their local systems as needed.

<!-- LAKEWOOD -->

City of Lakewood, Washington

Lakewood Screen Shot

Overview:  Redesign web site.

Capabilities:  content management systems, programming, databases, user interface design, web server administration.

Like many organizations (company, non-profit, and government), the City of Lakewood had created a web site. Within a couple of years, the site was not performing as the City would like. With time, any web site will lose its ability keep up with the needs of the organization. Organizations are ever changing and their web sites and applications need to change with them.

The goals of the redesign project included:

  • Make it easier for residents, businesses, and staff from other government entities find the information they need
  • Push the content Lakewood is promoting in an effort to increase knowledge of the City government and its activities
  • Provide consistency and standardization in systems and user interface
  • The system used should require minimal training for staff to add content to the site

To make it easier for users to find specific information, the new design of the site incorporated several interfaces: City Government, Living in Lakewood, and Doing Business. City Government relates directly to the real departments and provides all detailed information about the entire city government structure. Living in Lakewood and Doing Business are interfaces for residents and businesses respectively. Users initially see less information (just for residents or just for businesses), then they click a link that goes to the department's page which provides the detailed information the user wants.

Behind the scenes, Lakewood staff wanted a system that was easier to use. A content management system was implemented and providing staff the ability to update the web site without requiring any technical skills. If staff could use a word processor, they could add information to the web site.

Each department may add its own News & Events items for their department. Login, add the new content, and save. The news item is automatically available on the department's Home page and under the general listing News & Events.

<!-- HUMANE -->

The Humane Society for Seattle/King County

Humane Society Screen Shot

Overview:  Redesign and ongoing maintenance.

Capabilities:  content management, user interface design.

I created the site design in 1999 for the Humane Society for Seattle/King County. It provided an easy user interface and a feeling of friendliness that the Humane Society wanted. The site has a lot of information, and the new design made it easier for users to find the information they needed.

A new design was implemented with a team and released to the public in January 2004.

Currently, work continues on the site as it evolves. In the near future, a content management system will be developed to allow multiple people to be able to update the site.

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FunQuest Dog Sports

FunQuest Screen Shot

Overview:  Redesign and ongoing maintenance.

Capabilities:  content management, user interface design.

Providing on-going maintenance and additions to FunQuest's web site. The site was redesigned in 2004. The goal was a simplified look and feel under the constraints of a tight budget. Information on the site was reorganized and the design simplified. Users find information more quickly, and the look and feel of the site is cleaner and straightforward.

<!-- HOWZONE -->


Overview:  Utility for existing PHP system.

Capabilities:  programming, database, system administration.

A link checking application was developed for HowZone.com that sends email to Contributors when their links are not working correctly. This web application also informs HowZone technical support. Contributors can fix the problem and users can successfully visit the link. If the link is not working correctly (for instance, 404 Not Found status), users who attempt to click the link on HowZone's site are sent to the HowZone page that explains the link is unavailable.