Web Development Services

RUF Designs services are listed below. The hourly rate is $100, and the rate may be discounted for special circumstances like non-profit groups and more. Please contact RUF Designs for details.

Programming, Database - Design and Implementation

When you want more interactivity, you need web applications to make it happen. Application analysis and design as well as implementation is RUF Designs expertise. There are many possibilities when you want your site to do more than provide information (e.g. gather comments about a conference you spoke at or a seminar you gave, selling products, displaying your public schedule, ecommerce, etc.). Contact RUF Designs to discover the possibilities.

Web Design Consultation

RUF Designs can sit down and discuss your site with you: what information will it convey, how the underlying structure will work, or what functionality will be needed, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to contact RUF Designs at anytime.

Front End Design and Implementation

The "look and feel" of your web site is important. The design provides the end-user with an understanding of the structure of the site and provides an aesthetic value that users enjoy. RUF Designs focuses on simplicity and elegance in design to allow the content to become the centerpiece. Behind the scenes, the design follows the standards (W3C, yours, and mine). In addition, the site will be viewable by any browser.

Graphics Generation, Manipulation, and Optimization

RUF Designs can develop unique graphics for your site. Buttons, borders, backgrounds can be created to enhance your site with minimal increase in download time. Some graphics created for print purposes are not optimized for use on the web. RUF Designs can manipulate any graphics you may want to use and make them suitable for web use. Scanning photos or other artwork is also easily managed to personalize the site.