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Almost all of Robin's time is spent working with CivicActions. Since that has been the case for the last 2 years, it seemed appropriate to redesign the site to include all aspects of Robin's life and give a lower profile to RUF Designs. Robin is currently not seeking additional clients, but can give you a list of preferred developers and other resources. Feel free to contact Robin for more information.

Problem solving. RUF Designs and owner, Robin Barre focus on solving your problems. How do you keep track of all of your content? Or maybe you next site is something completely new to the scene. Robin says:

I design robust and user-friendly (RUF) web sites and applications. I use my skills to learn new technologies quickly. It allows me to choose the best tools and plans to make your web site the best it can be. When it all comes together, it is thrilling!

Companies and other organizations need to have high-quality web sites that are developed and deployed quickly. More importantly, web sites need to be robust and easy to use to continue the development of customer trust.

Reviewing the portfolio, you see there's a lot of experience at RUF Designs. What is difficult to see but is an important aspect of web development is how easy it is to maintain a web site. Behind the scenes, a set of Administration Tools can be developed that make it easy to maintain any content or data. For example, sometimes users enter very similar data. The Administration Tools could provide a merge utility to combine two objects into one. It's beyond just editing content. It's about streamlining site maintenance while providing data integrity.

Robin's experience as a technical writer allows RUF Designs to develop web sites that are user friendly, including writing necessary documentation during planning and development of the site.

Check out Robin's portfolio and Technical Accomplishments for more information about her abilities and experience.


Robin enjoys volunteering with several technical groups including:

It's a Dog's Life has information about spending quality time with your dog with activities like dog agility.

The Washington Mixed Breed Dog Club is another supported non-profit group. They provide fun dog activities for those of us who own mutts. This is an excellent club to join if you are interested in learning about the many activities you and your dog can enjoy together.

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