Top 10 Shoes for Dog Agility

Shoe Name Number of Votes Rating
(Scale: 1-5)
addidas predator104* * * *
New Balance 80371* * * *
New Balance 80228* * * *
New Balance 80122* * * *
Adidas Brahma Trail Runner19* * * *
Saucony running or crosstraining shoes13* * * *
dita champ13* * * * *
Nike Air Pegasus 200010* * * *
Merrell Jungle Runners9* * * *
Asics Gel-Nandi DS5* * * * *

We've heard the stories. You know the ones about people who bring 5 pairs of shoes to an agility trial. That's crazy right? Well, it's not easy to find the best shoes for agility. There are many factors to consider like the footing of the ring, weather, comfort. Heck! Agility folks are at trials all weekend and if your feet aren't comfortable it's hard to survive.

Which shoes are the best for agility? Is there one fantastic pair of shoes that you can stand in all day, run agility, keep your feet dry, keep your feet just the right temperature? That's what this web site is all about. You can vote for any of the shoes you see here or add your own favorite pair. Sneakers, boots, sandals...whatever you like best. More importantly, everyone can vote and rate each shoe and add their comments for all of the shoes listed here. There is no need to log in or have a password to enter information about shoes. Any inappropriate material will be deleted.

So, please enjoy the site and add pertinent shoe nformation. Let's find out who's got the best shoes!

Links to Shoe Info

If you wear leather boots, definitely use a sealant like NikWax to make your boots even more waterproof.

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This application is currently being ported to Drupal. For now the top 10 shoes are listed but other functionality like adding new shoes is unavailable. Thanks, Robin (4/13/07)