Upcoming Drupal Events

It's great to see Drupal events coming together in Seattle and Portland in October.

The Drupal Clinic is a one day introduction to Drupal happening on October 2nd. People signed up quickly and currently there is a waiting list. It's going to be good clean fun and I can't wait to help out new folks in the afternoon session. If you have even a little Drupal knowledge, you can volunteer too.

If you did not make it into the Clinic, Portland's Drupal User Group is offering a DrupalCamp on October 9-10. I am heading there for both days. It will be great to reconnect with Portland folks!

Back in Seattle, SEADUG is hosting the first ever Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit. I am definitely presenting at this 2 day event. Lots of folks have proposed great sessions. There's still room, so sign up now! I won't be surprised when it fills just like the Clinic.