Komodo and XDebug

I spent a little time setting up Komodo and Xdebug yesterday. It wasn't hard to do and there was just one little issue that I thought others would like to know about.

* Komodo's help documentation
* Komodo's blog which pointed me to the next item
* Robert Douglass's recent article: http://robshouse.net/article/xdebug-komodo-and-acquia-drupal-stack-insta...
* this video: http://kentbye_tech.blip.tv/file/229420/

The help documentation was the best. I just found myself slightly influenced by Robert Douglass's article as I tried to determine where to put xdebug.so. The video was not very helpful either except that he showed using the debugger configuration wizard (which I skipped initially).

I setup xdebug.so in /usr/lib (because I think if I have file standardization right that's where I should install my own libs (vs. what Linux installs in /var/lib).

After making all of the configuration changes and restarting Apache, everything looked correct.

php -m

returned information about xdebug. Komodo in Edit -Preferences - Debugger said it was configured to work correctly. I added:


to the end of the URL of one of my local sites, but the page loaded and Komodo did not start debugging.

This made me sad. I went through the configuration steps again. Tried it again. Still not working. I looked at the Debug - Listener Status. It was showing an unexpected port number. I had actually looked at it earlier and thought to myself: that doesn't seem right, but it's the default...it should be right. As it turned out, Komodo was using a system provided free port. This is not good. Everything else I had setup was assuming port 9000.

I went to Edit - Preferences - Debugger - Connection:

Komodo should listen for debugging connections on:
* system provided free port
* a specific port: 9000

I chose a specific port and set it to 9000, et voila! Komodo started debugging properly.