Link to Contact Form

I am using the site-wide Contact form which is managed by the contact module. I wanted to link to it in the main content of several nodes. For instance, I want to write

Please contact RUF Designs for more information about these services...

where "contact RUF Designs" links to the form. I hoped I could write something like:

<a href="contact">contact RUF Designs</a>

but that did not work. When the page is displayed it added 'node/' before contact. I decided to do what the contact module does. A little PHP and the problem is solved. This solution requires that you are allowed to use PHP Code as an Input Format. If you have Administrator privileges you can use the PHP Code format. If you are not an Adminstrator, talk to your Admin to see if you can get access; otherwise write an absolute URL to access the Contact form.

1. When editing node content (in the Body field) make sure the Input Format is set to PHP.
2. Use PHP to get the correct URL for the Contact form (this works when you run Drupal in a subdirectory too):

<a href="<?php print url('contact') ?>">contact RUF Designs</a>

That's it! There maybe other ways to do it, but this was the first one I found that works well no matter where I have Drupal installed.