I had my introduction to Wintergrass yesterday. What an exciting event!
Vendors were selling instruments, books, CDs, and more. People found little nooks all over the Shearton Hotel to jam together. 5 stages of live music and three were in the hotel making it easy to find something good everywhere you turned.

A couple of bands I saw had excellent performances and I would recommend seeing them:

  • The Infamous Stringdusters
  • The Greencards
  • Uncle Earl (although their sound guy could use a little training)

All of the music was fantastic and people really seemed to enjoy themselves. Workshops were held earlier in the day, but I did not get a chance to attend any.

It was great to experience and I'm definitely going back next year with plans to stay in Tacoma for at least a couple of days so I can get the full experience. Maybe I'll be capable enough to jam with some folks by then!