CPE Success

Emma did so well at her first CPE trial. RAT hosted the trial, and we had a great time all weekend. With a one ring trial, the atmosphere was relaxed. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Emma earned 4 Qs out of 6 runs. She ran in Level 3 (good starting point if you have already competed in other venues), and I entered her as veteran. That means only 12 inch jumps.

Games like Wildcard and Jackpot were great. Emma was a little uncontrollable early Saturday morning, but her decision making worked just fine and we qualified anyway. By her third run that day, she was listening very well.

We really liked Colors. The course is short and the one we picked had a tricky opening but a lovely, flowing finish. Emma is best at handling the tricky bits first, then just let her go (as compared to letting her go first, then asking her to tighten up). She earned 2nd place in Colors!

It was great fun and I highly recommend CPE trials especially for older and younger dogs.