NADAC Elite Jumpers Title

On April 21, 2007, Emma earned her Elite Jumpers title. The run was absolutely brilliant. We were both focused and ran 4 seconds under stanadard course time (pretty good for a 13 year old).

The NADAC trial was hosted by EAT at Argus Ranch. It is a great location. The rings are indoors, but there is a huge grass field which is were Emma likes to spend her time between runs (ahh, the good life!).

We are starting to compete in Tunnelers again. Emma flew through her first Open Tunnelers run and earned third place (no veterans status in this class so we place against all dogs in her height class; that's my girl!).

The rest of the weekend was a wash. She was too tired to focus for her runs. These days I assume she isn't feeling well, if she starts getting confused on a course. Still I tried to make sure we left the ring together at least finishing the last couple of obstacles. It lets her end on a good note.

I think we will start focusing on obedience for the next couple of months. Summer is coming and that means no agility trials (it's too hot), so we will have time to work on the big 'O'.