Drupal Projects

Recently, two projects I have been working on are using Drupal. Drupal is a content management system which includes plenty of flexibility and extensibility. That means if you want a web site with all the bells and whistles and have it handle your special requirements, Drupal is a great choice. It is easier for web developers to customize than other content management systems. You can have a great web site at a lower cost than building a completely custom web site or application.

Although the Drupal community calls it a content management system, you can also view Drupal as a rich web framework. Learn more about working with Drupal.

With these advantages, it is hard to see why you would not use Drupal. Thoughts to consider when using any software include:

  • some software can limit the developer, making it difficult to customize for special scenarios. Check with your web developer before deciding which CMS or other framework to use
  • larger software projects can have performance problems, investigate how the software and its community are handling scalability and performance...how many large web sites are relying on the software?
  • larger software projects have many people viewing the same code -> increases robustness
  • a CMS gives a person with little technical knowledge the ability to manage a site with plenty of functionality: add blogs or RSS feeds with ease
  • content is easier to maintain with a CMS