First Module Contribution: mm_exif

Thanks to the support of CivicActions and in particular Arthur Foelsche, I contributed my first module to the Drupal community: EXIF Removal Media Mover Module. It's a real pleasure to develop code for the community. This small but useful module removes EXIF data from media files like jpg, jpeg, png formats. Many digital cameras automatically add this information to the image files they create. The data is useful for people who want to manipulate images, but unecessary for files uploaded to a web site. In addition, this module was built to protect the privacy of those who may upload their own images.

The upcoming project, The Hub, for the nonprofit WITNESS is already making making use of this module.

I'm not done yet. I'll be releasing another module that works with Organic Groups in just a little while.

Contributing to the community is a great experience, and I highly recommend it.