Looking for a Few Good...

Horses. I visited Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center today to watch the rider showcase. What an amazing group of people. You can't help but feel good about the whole thing. Children and adults with physical disabilities receive therapy via horseback riding. The horses are great. The whole group handled our crowd with ease and grace.

Maybe We Like Obedience

We have avoided obedience for years now, but we gave it another thoughtful try earlier this year. It seems Emma and I are enjoying it a bit more. There is a precision to obedience which personally I am not all that interested in, still there are ways to make it fun.

First Fun Match (circa 2000)

Emma at her first fun match. She jumped a straight line of three jumps a
couple of times. I had help (thanks Susan Perry) at the other end so
Emma knew where to go...simple beginnings.

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