DrupalCamp Vancouver 2008 - Giving a Talk Today

My module development talk was accepted at DrupalCamp Vancouver 2008. I am presenting later today. The attendees are great. Everyone is focused and having a good time. You can download my example module which I have updated for today's talk.

Drupal Module Development Session

At Saturday House on April 6, 2008, Gregory Heller and I offered a Drupal introduction session and module development session. More details about the module development session are available at Seattle Drupal Users Group at g.d.o. The test1 module is available below.

Site Launch for CivicActions - MeNotMeth.org

MeNotMeth.org launched today. What a great web site project! The focus of the site is a part of a larger campaign discouraging meth use focusing on gay and minority men. As the Technical Lead for this project, I had the chance to direct a team of engineers for configuration, customization, and theming the site.

The team was great and you can learn more about all of the great folks working with CivicActions on the People page.

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